The products you want, when and where you want them.

Our range of logistics services and network of locations from coast to coast gives customers convenient, local access to products and services. Whether it’s getting materials to the jobsite fast through same- or next-day delivery or emergency services, or right when you need them with warehouse staging and just-in-time delivery, Cape Electric will help you streamline your supply chain.

Delivery Advantage

We know that it’s challenging to improve efficiency, safety and productivity if you can’t count on getting the materials you need to get the job done – that’s why we offer the Cape Electric Delivery Advantage. With the Cape Electric Delivery Advantage you’ll know exactly where your material is. By leveraging the power of mobile devices, we have developed a solution that provides our customers the delivery information they need when they need it. With the ability to pinpoint a delivery at any time, we can provide you with real-time delivery status. Developed from a contractor survey with input from customers like you, the Cape Electric Delivery Advantage gives you the information you need to keep things moving for greater productivity and profitability. Cape Electric drivers gather delivery information using their mobile phones* – running Innovo Signature Touch service – while the built-in GPS tracks the driver’s location. To check on a delivery, you just contact your customer service representative for complete details.


Do you find yourself spending more time managing inventory for your everyday product needs? Are you running out of room in your storerooms? Cape Electric’s JIT (Just-In-Time) inventory service solution may be the help you need.

Cape Electric’s objective is to deliver the items at the moment they are needed, thereby minimizing inventory levels, storage and transaction costs. JIT can help reduce waste and increase productivity. Materials are purchased, transported and processed just in time for their subsequent use.

JIT Is Designed To Help:

  • Reduce the amount of inventory, storage costs and inventory obsolescence
  • Decrease transaction costs
  • Maximize service levels
  • Reduce overall inventory costs, job delays and waste
  • Inventory tax savings
  • Minimize order cycle time
  • Dedicate inventory at distribution point
  • On-time performance
  • Increase productivity

Emergency Services

If you have an emergency, the last thing on your mind is your distributor’s hours of operation. At Cape Electric there’s no such thing as “after hours” when a customer has an emergency. Just call your local field representative or branch manager’s cell after normal business hours. Cape Electric’s representative will offer the highest level of service possible and access to current inventory. Cape Electric will address the situation quickly to reduce your down time Ability to check inventory through its regional database of networked locations

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