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Cape Electrical Supply’s primary service area for local distribution covers a 16 store network with locations in six states: Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama. Our location map presents a good representation of our regional geography for local inventory and sales service.

With today’s enabling technology (electronic commerce, the internet, wireless communication, etc.) Cape Electric has expanded our service area well beyond traditional “flag in the ground” stocking locations. We service a wide array of customers on a much broader national scale.

With 16 stocking locations in the central United States, Cape Electric is “right-sized” to source your electrical and communications products. Our markets include commercial construction, industrial facilities, utility providers, voice/data/video, and residential products. We have real-time access to substantial on-hand inventory coupled with exceptional vendor alignment for factory orders.

We operate in a business climate that calls for competitive pricing and unique drop-ship capabilities. Talk to a Cape Electric representative today to learn more about what we can do for your company.

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