Inventory Management

Focus on profits, not parts.

With more than 65 years of distribution experience coupled with the latest technologies, Cape Electric VMI designs service solutions to help you reduce inventory expense, improve product availability and increase your bottom line. With our experience in supply chain management, Cape Electric VMI can help customers manage their materials and inventory more effectively. Cape Electric VMI is just one way we help our customers improve their inventory management. We also offer several other solutions, including on-site services, material kitting and order staging that provide convenience and reduce material acquisition costs.

Supply Chain Waste Walks

Engaging with our valued customers and suppliers to help the industry become more efficient. What is a Supply Chain Waste Walk? Supply Chain Waste Walks are designed to identify opportunities to reduce waste in your company’s processes and procedures. We can address a variety of areas or specific issues. Issues could include how your company interfaces with Cape Electric, how your employees complete day-to-day tasks, your warehouse receiving, inventory management and shipping processes. Learn more about Supply Chain Waste Walks today!

Types of Waste

  • Material
  • Capital
  • Time
  • Gross Profit

Why do a Supply Chain Waste Walk?

Sustainability Supply Chain Waste Walks can reveal areas where you can reduce paper waste, uncover recycling opportunities, and improve energy efficiencies. We often become set in our ways, confined by routines and long-standing procedures that work but may not be the most efficient. A Supply Chain Waste Walk outside perspective can provide a new way of thinking and potentially help you become more productive and profitable.

Cape Electric VMI Inventory Management

Cape Electric VMI is an inventory management system designed to manage all of your jobsite materials. It is so accurate and reliable that it can free up your time to do what matters most: grow your business. Cape Electric VMI contains multiple options, each designed to streamline processes, deploy best-in-class technology, and ensure the right materials are at the right place at the right time. By taking time and cost from your procurement practices, we can help bolster your profitability and reduce downtime, shrinkage and labor costs. You’ll save time, improve cash flow—and when you reach for a part, it will be right where it’s supposed to be. All with less waste and fewer stock outs. (We said it was smart.)

  • Put what you use, close to the user
  • Reduce expense! Typically a vending solution reduces use and expense by about 20-30 percent
  • Reduce your time and involvement in the MRO purchase and replenishment process
  • With vending, your parts are secure and only available to those users that you designate, by parts category
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Flexibility to stock what you need

Material Kitting

Kits can be built to stock or to order. Kitting is the packaging of components to provide a complete “kit” of materials that are required for assembly or installation. Cape Electric develops special packaging for a few items or we can kit, crate and ship large components. Cape Electric has the experience in developing kitting operations for large customers who require assembly, storage and shipment of thousands of kits in a single month, to requirements as small as several components for a specific installation.

At Cape Electric, we offer a wide range of innovative kitting services that help our customers get the job done while saving time and money.


  • Reduce administrative costs of ordering a large number of components from multiple sources
  • Reduce internal labor costs associated with the procurement, logistics and installation of material
  • Reduce returns
  • Reduce shrinkage Improve customer service levels internally and externally
  • Place orders for a group of products made by multiple manufacturers with one catalog number
  • Avoid delays, all items ship together
  • Save money through reduced administrative costs, leveraged buying and reduced receiving costs
  • Reduce cost of labor spent on non-installation activities

Jobsite Services

Every product your craftsman installs will cost you less in terms of operations and office costs when you use Cape Electric’s jobsite services. Cape Electric’s jobsite services include preplanning to maximize cost, time and delivery efficiency; stock replenishment to reduce overages, returns and waste; or even an onsite trailer for central staging and planning that we can manage for you. We can also help you decrease loss and theft with our job box and clamshell stock replenishment services. Let us help you make sure you have what you need when you need it.

Wire and Cable Management

Cape Electric’s wire and cable management services are flexible, custom tailored programs to handle wire, cable, copper and fiber communication cables, enabling you to have the products available to you when, where and how you need them. Our goal is to help improve your bottom-line profitability. Our Wire and Cable Management Services can save you time, money and material while improving the safety of your team. Although savings can vary by project, our Wire and Cable Management Services can include: pre-buy negotiations, staging and storage, cutting and paralleling, prepared reels and stands for jobsites, pulling heads and improved delivery/placement.

Depending on your needs, all of these options can provide you with 10 to 45 percent savings of your total estimated cost. Cape Electric services like cutting and paralleling, prepared reels and stands that can be easily moved on jobsites, and preinstalled pulling eyes can provide you with significant savings and make your installations safer, easier and more efficient.

  • Eliminates: Inventory shortage, damaged inventory, need for expedited shipments, material lost on job, and under-utilized or deteriorating inventory
  • Provides: Shipments of cut lengths, project tracking, dedicated inventory, just-in-time deliveries, and customer savings
  • Prevents: Job delays and material lost on job
  • Allows: Design and engineering changes
  • Saves: On inventory management and total project cost

Cape Electric knows that saving time and reducing labor costs are critical to your bottom line. As we cut and parallel your wire, we can install pulling heads to get your crew pulling wire immediately. Pulling heads work with both copper and aluminum. We can supply crimp-on pulling heads in bulk or have them installed in our warehouse on each reel to save your crew prep time before the pull.

Contractors regularly report reducing crew size as well as labor hours by 10 to 40 percent. Spool up to five wires/cables together on one reel, enabling faster and easier cable installation by reducing the number of cable pulls. This can also be provided by spooling three or four cables together on one multi-flange, returnable reel. Compare Cape Electric wire and cable services to your next estimate to see how much you will save!

Product Sourcing Cape Electric’s experienced sales and customer service representatives are skilled in sourcing electrical, communications and data networking materials, saving you both time and money. We can quickly locate hard-to-find items and large quantities and ship them to arrive when and where you need them. We can query our inventories in our more than 290 North American distribution facilities to offer you this valuable service. And, direct access to our top suppliers’ databases allows us to search their inventories to provide you with the best product availability.

Cape Electric can also boost customers’ efficiency in managing their orders, monitoring project status and streamlining processes. Cape Electric’s investments in technology allow us to provide detailed reports that measure performance, cost savings and much more. We also offer several invoicing options that streamline the payables process for customers.

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduces material congestion, losses, damages, supplier claims
  • Promotes JIT inventory
  • Reduces labor costs through improved planning and scheduling
  • Prevents job delays by receiving or waiting on materials, material handling
  • More than 260 North American distribution facilities to facilitate a national rollout

Jobsite Boxes and Carts

Cape Electric can provide and deliver jobsite boxes, carts and clamshells. These containers can easily be moved from room to room and floor to floor on heavy duty equipped casters.

Job Boxes and Carts offered:

  • Clamshell Cart Conduit Cart Palletainer (casters optional)
  • Side by Side (3-shelf and 4-shelf)
  • Side by Side (4-shelf)
  • BIM Modeling Cart (for purchase only)

Customer Benefits:

  • Stock per job phase to help organize material on jobsite
  • Improves electrician efficiency; less effort spent on non-installation activities
  • Reduced storage costs, ordering, receiving and billing
  • Increased productivity through less material handling and loss, congestion, damage, over-ordering, remobilization and transportation to jobs
  • Reduce cost of labor effort spent on non-installation activities
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